302 Redirect

What Does 302 Redirect Mean?

A 302 redirect is a name for an HTTP status code that involves the number 302. With this code, the browser is redirected from one URL to another. A 302 redirect is often simply called a temporary redirect, unlike a 301 redirect, which is based on a different HTTP status code and is characterized as a permanent redirect.


Techopedia Explains 302 Redirect

302 redirects may be on-domain redirects, where a URL is replaced with another from the same domain, or off-domain redirects, which actually take the browser from one domain to another. In many cases, a 302 redirect can return a simpler and cleaner URL for users. Along with the utility of this method, there are also concerns about security, specifically the risk of URL hijacking, where unauthorized hackers can redirect users.

Different search engines and other technologies have their own specific strategies for using 302 redirects. The IT community looks at how these standards are changing in ways that will serve Web users better while providing competitive security on the Internet.


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