WAGMI (We’re All Gonna Make It)

What Is WAGMI?

WAGMI is an acronym for the phrase “We’re All Gonna Make It.” It is a slang term used on social media platforms among traders and investors to convey a sense of optimism or encouragement.


It implies that the user and others will succeed in profiting from their investments over the long term, despite high volatility or uncertainty causing short-term fluctuations in portfolio value.

Techopedia Explains

The phrase was popularized in 2021 by the Wallstreetbets (WSB) group on Reddit, known for aggressive stock options trading strategies. As cryptocurrency prices soared and attracted mainstream interest, crypto traders and investors adopted WAGMI in solidarity.

WAGMI is also part of the Web3 concept that community efforts and support will result in positive outcomes and financial prosperity over the long term.

The use of the term is meant to build confidence in the crypto market, although it can also be used sarcastically, such as when prices are falling.

WAGMI is the opposite of NGMI – “Not Gonna Make It” – which has a negative connotation expressing frustration or a lack of confidence in crypto markets.


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