Safety tips to follow when planning and travelling on a vacation

Due to the pandemic ravaging different countries of the world, you have to be on the lookout for your safety. It is advisable you stay at home if you can, as you never can tell who has the virus. For instance, if you decide to travel, other infected but asymptomatic people may spread the virus where you are or vice versa. However, if it is impossible for you not to travel, you have to protect yourself before, after and during your journey. Here are some things to look out for before you travel.

Get yourself diagnosed

Go to a well-equipped and accredited hospital to get tested. Not all hospitals are licensed to test people for coronavirus, so you should choose the hospital you go to carefully. If you are found to be positive, cancel your trip immediately. If you are requested to stay in isolation, ensure you comply. If you are virus-free, try to stay safe at all times during your journey.

Check the data of the country you want to travel to

Some countries have higher number of cases than others. You should confirm if it is safe for you to travel to such a country. Besides, there may be travel restrictions you need to be aware of. If after reviewing the country’s health data and travel policy, you find the conditions are unfavourable, you should cancel your trip.

Never travel with a sick person

No matter who the sick person is to you, do not go on any journey with them. Rather, you should get them checked in a hospital for proper treatment. Travelling with a sick person means you are endangering your life and that of others and denying the sick person access to treatment. If you are a caretaker, you may have to stay with the person until they recover.

find a travel insurance

If you must travel, here are some precautions you should follow too:

Abide by the guidelines of the health’s organizations

You should stay protected at all times during your journey. Wear a face mask always. Face masks help fight off free virus radicals in the air. You should also be careful about how you touch surfaces. It is advisable you wear gloves if you would be touching anything. Do not stay in a congested area. As much as possible, maintain a distance of six feet from the next person. Limit physical touches, and always sneeze into your elbows. Avoid being around anyone who is sick. If you feel somehow, quickly get in touch with health officials.

Get travel insurance

If you want to travel during this period when the world is still battling the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that you find a travel insurance policy that would cover losses from the effects of Covid-19 and to protect your health too. Travel insurance has always been an important type of insurance that should always be part of your plans before Covid-19 and after. However, the current Covid-19 pandemic makes travel insurance even more important.

Consider how to stay safe in whatever mode of transportation you choose

Depending on your type of transportation, your safety tactics will be different. For instance, due to the air circulating in a airplane, it is difficult for the virus to thrive. However, if you are in a congested airplane, it is impossible to maintain the six-feet distance rule. In worst cases, you and other passengers have to sit with body parts touching. If you are travelling by a train, you may not get much  space to yourself either. Trains are usually packed with a lot of people, some stand while some sit. Travelling in a personal car is much better, but if you have to stop on the road to attend to some things, you risk contacting the virus. As such, you need to know how to deal with the inefficiencies of each transport system. If you have the money, you can choose to travel with an airline that keeps to the social distancing rule, or pack all you need beforehand so that you will not have to stop on your trip if you are using your personal car.

Ensure you stay in a safe place

When you get to your destination, get a safe place to stay. You can choose to lodge at a hotel that complies with the safety rules laid down by health bodies. If you would be staying in a house with others, you should ensure that everyone is free from the virus. Also, you should confirm if they strive to keep themselves safe as they go about their daily dealings. However, being in the middle of a pandemic does not mean you become distressed unnecessarily. As you keep yourself safe, try to eat and drink healthy as well. Keep your happiness alive while going about doing the things you love. The pandemic will soon be over and you need to keep yourself for that time as well.