6 Business Ideas to Open in Paris

Everybody wants a share of the stable economy France has to offer. Many companies are opening up branches in France because of the numerous customer market base and the study business regulations policies.

Paris is not just a city known for one thing (art), but a hurdle for all types of activities attracting domestic as well as the international community.

Therefore, finding the business ideas is not the hardest part of starting a business, the hardest part is finding the necessary capital to set it up. Some financial companies are willing to partner up with new entrepreneurs to help them achieve their financial goals.

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Hare, I am going to share with you my top ideas on businesses to start in Paris;

1.  Jewellery and accessory business 

It is never too late to launch your startup in the jewellery and accessory market segment in France. It is still among the top-performing Industries.

People need jewellery to accentuate their fashion especially when living in a country that is the epitome of fashion and design.

You can start your company from scratch under your own brand name or choose to retail jewellery from major suppliers across France.

2.  Fashion retailing 

If you’re not up to the challenge of starting your own clothing line in France a good option is to fashion retail clothes from already established companies.

People are constantly looking for an easy shopping experience and bringing that together into a One-Stop-Shop will give them just that.

To even make things cheaper you can opt to run an online store instead of a physical shop. Operating as an online store will expose you to more customers and will reduce the cost especially if you had to rent out a physical store.

3.  Yoga and fitness 

One of the great ideas is to start a yoga and Fitness Centre in a major city like Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Nantes, or any of the towns.

A majority of the people not just in France but all across the world know the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health, and they’re willing to pay for it.

It may be a bit expensive to buy equipment for your fitness centre but once your business is up and running, profits will accrue.

Whether you choose to that and yoga centre or a gym, bottom line is that you hire the right personnel because these people will determine whether or not you will get customers.

4.  Antique restoration 

Another great idea is to start an antique restoration business. You can restore old Furnishings and sell them at a higher price.

Many people on travel are looking for unique souvenirs to take them back to their country.

Some things you can restore include; kitchen utensils, furniture, leather handbags and shoes, or even hardware.

5.  Guided tour and travel business

France is a top tourist country in Europe and Paris alone is the leading  City in tourism across Europe.

Many people each year travel to Frank for vacation, business, fashion events, and educational purposes. No travel to France and without visiting famous museums galleries churches and engaging in fun activities.

It is, therefore, a good business idea to start a guided tour company where you can help people with guided tourism services or arranged their travel across France.

With the right footing, the business can bring in a lot of profits. You can even partner up with hotels to offer accommodation services and can be a new way to channel in extra income.

6.  Secondhand resell business 

Another great business idea is to start a second-hand resale business. You have a variety of options on the specific items or products you want to sell cond-hand.

You may choose to sell second-hand fashionable closing well considering the many people who cannot afford the prices and brandy clothes sold by major retailers in France.

It is also a good idea to sell second-hand homeware items like kitchen appliances or bedding and home furniture.

These items tend to be very expensive in a major city like France.