The best-paid jobs in Sweden in 2021

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The top 5 jobs in Sweden:

1. Surgeon or Doctor:

Surgeons and doctors are the highest paid professionals in Sweden, with a monthly salary of around 168, 000 Swedish Krona. This is a high-risk job which has many challenges and long hours. To become a doctor, you would need to have a degree in medicine, as well as a broad education and extensive knowledge of the medical field.

2. Judge:

Becoming a judge in Sweden requires Bachelors or Master’s degree in Law, coupled with years of experience in the courtroom. With a salary of 141,000 Swedish Krona per month, judges are the second highest earners in Sweden, and it is no surprise why this is when you look at the duties and responsibilities that come with being in this position. A judge has the tough task of determining someone’s fate in a criminal or civilian matter, as well as playing referee between the prosecution and defense in these cases. The job has a high stress level, as well as long hours.

3. Lawyer:

Lawyers, like judges, determine the fate of another person in their defense or prosecution. Being a lawyer requires a Bachelor or Master’s degree in law, as well as years of legal experience coupled with long hours and a sacrifice of your personal life. A lawyer can expect to earn a monthly salary starting at 114,000 Swedish Krona. With tasks such as advising and representing clients, conducting research and preparing legal documents, as well as protecting the lives of people and businesses facing legal issues, it is easy to see why lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in Sweden.

4. Bank Manager:

A bank manager in Sweden can earn a salary of about 107,000 Swedish Krona per month. Their tasks include the efficient operation of a bank branch by managing customer services, setting financial objectives for the bank, as well as the hiring, training, and management of staff. To become a bank manager, you will need a relevant qualification, such as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, as well as excellent management experience that can be used to successfully execute tasks.

5. CEO:

The CEO, or Chief Operational Officer, has the challenging, and often stressful, task of being responsible for the overall success of a business. They are the ones who make the critical decisions and oversee company strategies and goals while being the public face of the company. A position such as this often requires long hours and personal sacrifice but has the reward that a CEO can expect to earn 101,000 Swedish Krona per month.

When looking at the 5 highest paying jobs above, we can notice a pattern in that all of them require long, hard hours, with much personal sacrifice. It is no easy feat to be in a top management position, as your own life often comes second. When choosing a career or job path, it is important to know what you seek to get out of it.