Top 3 banks in Portugal suitable for foreigners!

Have you recently shifted to Portugal and are trying to get hold of a bank so that you can perform all of your tasks? Well, it would definitely seem confusing and irritating because of the choices available. When foreigners go to open a bank account, they are usually asked for unlimited documents to prove several things. So would you really want that to happen? Probably not! That is why it is crucial to find banks that are reliable, quick, and easy for foreigners. So let’s check what those banks are and what they can do.

Well, you can also use to find different banks in Portugal along with their reviews. The reviews can give you extra insights from the perspective of customers, but still, the following can be some great picks.

The best banks in Portugal for foreigners!

Let’s get started and see what those three banks are and what makes them suitable for foreigners!

1. Openbank

Openbank can be an excellent option for foreigners who want to open a savings account, current account, or any other type of account with ease. The profitability ratio offered by Openbank is quite excellent too. You can simply visit any branch of Openbank or apply online to get on with this process faster than ever.

Openbank has also partnered with different and popular brands so that their customers can get discounts by using their cards online. You can simply check out the services of Openbank and see how they can serve you in the best way.

2. Millennium CP

The reason for this bank to be on the list is that it is the biggest bank in Portugal. They have got countless branches all over the country, and they operate for almost everyone residing in the country.

The bank offers different options to foreigners to open a bank account. There are several options available too that allow teenagers to open a bank account. But do remember that their minimum deposit is relatively high, but other than that, they can be a good pick.

Also, they allow the foreigners to even credit their account in different currencies as per their preferences. So you can keep the hurdles aside and store the most common currencies with ease.

3. ActivoBank

Low maintenance fees, support in the English language, and different types of accounts are some of the things that make ActivoBank an excellent choice for foreigners. You can take a look at the service of ActivoBank and check out the available options. It is a perfect choice for foreigners because their staff is English trained, meaning you won’t have to face hassles while interacting with them. Not only that, the bank is paperless too, and that can make the processing faster than ever. All of the info will be provided through emails which can be convenient for almost everyone.


So visit the website of all the three banks mentioned above and see how they can satisfy your needs. Just make sure to consider the fee, policies, and agreements to avoid hassles in the future.