Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Kolkata

In the current market scenario where companies are going through a cutthroat competition to promote and sell their product and services, hiring an efficient marketing team become the most challenging tasks for the HR department. The challenge begins when after providing an adequate training you send them to the field but do not get targeted results. Thus, in return this increases your companys operating cost in providing training as well as monitoring your marketing teams performance. Therefore, here comes the concept of Digital Marketing that means marketing a product or services through digital media that includes Television, Radio, Mobiles, Newspaper, and internet. While the Television, Radio, Mobiles, and Newspaper forms the offline part of the digital marketing whereas the latter forms the integral online part of the entire process. The offline part is well known to us that generally consists advertisement produced by various ad agencies so here in this article we will be discussing mainly the online part and the best industrial training institute in Kolkata that provides real life training in Internet Marketing as a whole.

The online part of the Digital Marketing is known as the Internet Marketing that means promoting a firm, product, or services in search engines through adequate marketing techniques. The technique includes SEO, PPC (Pay per Click), Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine local listings, Content Developing and the latest in the race is Video marketing. The success of the internet marketing lies in how effectively an internet marketer knows these techniques and applies them accordingly to get the targeted results for their clients. Therefore, here comes the role of a good institute that create a good and the potential Internet Marketing professional as per the present market scenario. With the growing demand of internet marketing in Kolkata many odd SEO companies have come up with a training institute that provides training in SEO and social media training. Unfortunately most of these institutes cover only the basic concept of the entire process and do not go with the practical approach of learning that includes more real life applications. As a result there has been the scarcity of good and potential Internet Marketing professionals who knows the more practical approach of all the latest applications and techniques of Internet Marketing.

So here we are glad to introduce to you with such an institute that provides real life training on Digital Marketing by offering a more practical approach of each technique mentioned above. Well the name of the institute is Compete Infotech Academy situated in the heart of the city of joy training number of students to become an effective Internet Marketer. The each module of the course is designed exclusively to meet the current industry requirements. The main USP of Compete Infotech Academy is that the entire course is designed in such a way that it trains you in all three aspects that is for getting a good job, for becoming an entrepreneur, and for existing professionals making this the best industrial training provider in the city. The course starts with the theoretical concept of Digital Marketing followed by the practical approach starting from the basic level of keyword Research, to the advance level that includes affiliate marketing, email marketing, and video marketing including Search Engine Optimization techniques.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course is divided into two segments Off Page and On Page optimization. In the Off Page we have Directory Submission that includes both business and general directories, Article & Blog submissions, Social Bookmark Submission, Classified Submission , Google Place (local Listing) etc. . On the other hand in On Page we have at the tag, H1, H2, Robo.txt etc. Another most positive thing about this institute is that it provides free website to each student for conducting live projects and used to teach from the base including how to set a website through Word Press concept and how to rank it in Google and other search engines. In social media training it covers all the social media optimization techniques including promoting on Facebook, Twitter & Google + including video marketing on YouTube.